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When Should I Use the HRS Account Creation Tool?

YES.  You SHOULD use HRS in these cases.

1. To request a PAWS ID if the person doesn't already have one assigned.

2. To add an entry to the Directory system if an entry for the individual doesn't already exist.

3. To identify the person's association to LSU.

The current LSU HRS supports just one association category, that of "employee".

NO. You SHOULD NOT use LSU HRS in these cases.

1. If there is a conflict, perhaps the SSN of the person being added appears to match that of someone else in the Directory data base.

2. If the person being added does not have or refuses to provide his/her SSN.

3. If the person being added is currently listed as an active employee.

4. If the person being added won't be an employee.

5. If a person’s appointment date is outside the allowable range (no more than two months prior to or six months later than the current date).

*There may be other cases where LSU HRS cannot or should not be used.  Contact HRM to discuss further.*

Before you Login

Gather the Following Information:  (DO NOT ADD Anyone until they have ACCEPTED the Position.)

1. The person’s Social Security Number.

2. The person's birth date.

3. The person’s full legal name as it appears on his/her Social Security Card.

4. The person’s preferred name.

5. The start date (appointment date) of the new employment.

6. The 5-digit department code in which the person will be employed.

7. A forwarding e-mail address, if the person will have his e-mail address forwarded to another e-mail address (like

--At this point, you can ask the person if they want to choose their PAWS ID.  (We will accommodate if possible.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who may use LSU HRS?

Use of LSU HRS is limited to those individuals who are authorized to access the application.  Currently these are employees categorized as a departmental HR contact (Human Resources contact).  Those employees will find LSU HRS under Financial Services in the myLSU Portal.

Who do I contact with LSU HRS questions?

The Office of Human Resource Management may be able to assist with questions related to adding new faculty and staff members via LSU HRS.  They can be reached at 578-8200.

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