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Mobile Computing has three main aspects that define the interaction:  (1) Mobile Communication,  (2) Mobile Hardware, and (3) Mobile Software.  For University Funded Devices, ITS will provide the device, assist you with configuring the device, and provide device user support for the life of the mobile device.

University Funded Devices

Available To:    LSU Faculty & Staff

Requirements:    Must have a Valid LSU Budget Code & a Completed Cellular Service Form.

Delivery Time:    Up to 2 weeks.

Submit a Request

- Request a University Funded Cell Phone:

1. Get Approval from your Department.

2. Fill out the Cellular Service Form.  The Requestor & Dean or Director must sign the form. Once the Dean or Director has signed the form send it to ITS (200 Frey Computing Services) for Chief Information Officer approval.

3. Complete a UNI Work Order (*Include a valid Budget Code for billing purposes.

4. Shipping usually takes between 7-10 business days.  The device will be distributed to you through ITS.

- Upgrade or Change an Existing University Funded Cell Phone:

1. Determine if you need to fill out a UNI Work Order.

2. If necessary, complete a UNI Work Order ( to include a valid Budget Code. 

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