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Eligibility & Order Procedures

Available To:    

LSU Faculty, Staff & Graduate Students (Upon Request).

Request a Mainframe Account:   

1. Open the myLSU Portal (  

2. Click Computing Services IMS/TSO Account Request from the left side.

3. Contact the appropriate Data Steward to gain access to the necessary menus.  (

Connect to the LSU Mainframe

(NOTE: There Are 4 Different Ways to Connect.)

1.  The Web Start Version of HOD is an IBM Java-based terminal emulator used to connect to an LSU Mainframe session which requires client software to be installed.  

Compatible with Windows, Mac, & Linux.

Download, Install & Configure the Host On-Demand Web Start Client.

2.  The Web Browser Version of HOD is a way of connecting to the Mainframe without installing client software.  

Compatible with Windows, Mac, & Linux.

Open the Web Browser Version of HOD.

3.  The TN3270 Application is a FREE  OS X Application created by Brown University and available for download from TigerWare. It allows computers running Mac OS X to connect to LSU Mainframe.  

Compatible with Mac OS X.  (This product is an open-license, terminal-emulation program that requires the installation of a client software.)

Download, Install & Configure the TN3270 Application.

4.  The TN3270 App is a FREE App for mobile devices available for download from iTunes.  It allows iOS X & Android Devices to connect to the LSU Mainframe.

Compatible with iOS X & Android.

Download, Install & Configure the TN3270 Lite App.

LSU Support & Policy Statements

Help Desk Contact Information

LSU Policy Statements

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