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General Information

Web Sites Hosted by ITS have the Following Features:  (Provided by ITS)

  1. Backed-up Nightly.
  2. Are mirrored to a back-up Web Server.
  3. 50-MB Allocated per Web Client.

Related Links:  (Provided by the Office of Communications & University Relations)

  1. Website Development Options
  2. Online Communication Policies & Guidelines.

Eligibility & Order Procedures

Available To:      LSU Faculty, Staff & Departments.

Authorizations:      Requests for web sites are Approved Prioritized by the Office of Communications and University Relations.  

Delivery Time:      2-Business Days to complete the web site Evaluation.    (AFTER the Evaluation, Approval & Prioritization, you will receive a NEW Delivery Time for completed web site.)

To Request a Web Site

  1. Contact Lori Kemp of the Office of Communications & University Relations for Evaluation / Approval (; 225-578-2031 )
    • Requests are Evaluated & Approved / Denied  on a Case-By-Case Basis.
  2. Contact your College or Department Business Manager or Technology Support Professional. 
    • Ask if they provide web space for Faculty within their college or department's web site.
  3. Use a REDIRECT LINK to point an address to your web site's address.
    • For Example: can point to

Web Development Tools

LSU Faculty, Staff & Departments --

An LSU Themed Template will be provided, however we DO NOT have the staff or the resources to assist you personally in site customization.

  • LSU Hosted Recommended Tools:   

1.  LSU WCMS / Rhythmyx

2.  LSU WordPress Environment

3.  LSU Community Moodle

4.  Web Hosting through TigerBytes II.   

  • Free Recommended Web Tools:



3.  Weebly

LSU Students & Student Organizations -- 

Information Technology Services is NO LONGER providing web sites for LSU Students or LSU Student Organizations.  These are managed by The Office of the Vice Chancellor for the Division of Student Life.  

1.  Student Organization Community   (Provided by Campus Life)



4.  Weebly

5.  LSU Community Moodle   (Provided by ITS)

LSU.EDU Accounts

How to Configure SFTP for Web Development?

NON-LSU.EDU Accounts

Accounts with a suffix are treated as separate, virtual sites. The web page address (URL) will be www.user_defined_name.domain.

  • Request an Account to be Issued & Published:

1.  Approval from the Vice Chancellor for IT, Brian Nichols. Requests MUST be submitted to the Office of the VCIT via email in care of: John Borne, Chief IT Security & Policy Officer. Further documentation via a written memo may, upon occasion, be required and should be sent to Office of the VCIT, attention of John Borne, Chief IT Security & Policy Officer, LSU Information Technology Services, 200 Frey Computing Services Center.

2. Registration by the user of the domain name with a registration company such as Network Solutions or

3. Create a new work order with type NISE - Software Engineering at    (** Get help filling out this request. **)

4. Contact the domain registration company to point the non domain name to the LSU Domain Name Server.

5. Contact with ITS to get an individual host name (example: www.user_defined_name.domain) registered with the DNS as an alias of

6. Contact to have the new hostname added to the Web server.

StudioWeb Has Retired (Decommissioned)


  • StudioWeb : A website development tool that WAS available for the LSU campus.  

If you still have a StudioWeb web site, either:

  1. DELETE the web site & Create a new web site using another tool from above.
  2. MIGRATE the web site to WCMS.

Support & Policy Statements

Policy Statements: LSU Overview

Help Desk Information

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