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General Information

The Faculty Technology Center is available to Sponsor Meetings among faculty who wish to share their experiences, concerns, challenges, and successes in implementing technology into their teaching and research.  This is opportunity for LSU Faculty to present to their peers.  Group participation will be highly encouraged. 

FTC personnel will make introductions and, if desired, will be available as a resource during these sessions which will be hosted in the FTC located in 109 Middleton, in most cases. Refreshments can also be served.

Eligibility & Order Procedures

Available To:     LSU Faculty

Delivery Time:    A 2-Day Notice is the MinimumThe sooner you submit the request, the better.  

A few weeks or more is strongly recommended for meetings which have open audiences and require advertising.

To Request an FTC Hosted Peer Group Meeting:  

Choose One of the Following:

  1. Phone Number:  225 578 3375
  2. E-mail Address:  ftc@lsu.edu
  3. Footprints:  Submit a Help Ticket
  4. Location:  109 Middleton Library  (Walk-in's Welcome)

LSU Support & Policy Statements

Help Desk Contact Information

ITS Policy Statements

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